Screen Away

screenaway inside closed

ScreenAway is a unique retractable screen solution designed for windows and skylights. Installed within the window frame reveal, ScreenAway is made-to-measure for your window size. It is a fully operational unit that can be readily detached for safety and has been engineered for easy removal or maintenance.

The ScreenAway retractable screen can easily be retrofit to both new and existing dwellings as well as commercial buildings. Its unique design and engineering provides an attractive. Practical and user-friendly system suitable for all types of windows that require flyscreens.

ScreenAway Inner FlyScreen Half

ScreenAway Inner ClosedScreenAway Outer Closed

Features & Benefits

Provides a clear unobscured view for your windows, only extending the screen when the windows are open.

Great for scullery windows in a Kitchen/alfresco area, allowing airflow and easy access while keeping pests out of the house. Unique tensioning system allows for consistent fabric tension in vertical. Horizontal and skylight applications.

No chains or cords, making it neat stylish and hazard free, complying with Child safety legislation. The Retractable screens make for easy window cleaning, especially on upper floor levels. Screens can be operated with a manual system or Motorized where required/preferred. Standard motorized operation is the Battery-operated motor, with hard wired options currently under development.